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We are Auckland leading car buyers. We buy all types, makes and model. Don’t waste time on a car-selling portal when a buyer is waiting for your car, with top cash ready to be in your hands.

When you need an old car buyer service and you have a car that is scrap or junk, we will buy your car and also provide FREE car removal & offer top cash for cars Auckland.

We come direct to your location and do all the work for you. Our experienced staff will come with the tow trucked required to remove your car, as well as any other tools and man power that may be need. That’s right! You just relax, let our service do the rest and receive payment there and then at pick up.

It can be hard to come across a scrap car buyer in Auckland that will not only provide a genuine, instant quote over the phone, but will also pay you more than any competitor.

Our reputation as a premier junk car buyer service is known throughout the entire Auckland regions.

There hasn’t been a better time to get rid of your old car that’s just taking up room. There is no longer a reason to let you car that is not working to either sit there or sit on a car ads site receiving no genuine return.


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